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About Us

I founded Never Far Away in 2019 during my Junior year at NC State University. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have many great experiences in the outdoors, at areas like State and National parks, beaches, and even the nature trails around my home. I hope that through the work I do everyday I'll be able to encourage and enable others to have similar experiences in the outdoors. On a scale larger than this venture, I hope to use my entrepreneurial experiences to enable others to pursue a lifestyle built around solving problems for, and providing value to, areas that they are truly passionate about. 

While working on this project I met a friend, James Paul, who began working with me towards these goals. We ended up developing, and patenting, technology that could be used to locate someone in remote areas at the press of a button, increasing safety and giving insights to data about where people hike, where they get lost, and more. However, the technology simply wasn't solving the right problems.

After a lot of tough lessons and a lot of learning about our market, we've completely changed our approach. We understand problems exist in the outdoor scene, and we are constantly learning about how much those issues effect people, which problems are more important than others, and working to build solutions that solve those issues according to what those we serve need. 


More about Josh

Founder and CEO

Hello! My name is Josh Guter and I am a recent Goodnight Scholar graduate from NC State University. While my official graduation was in May, 2021, I am continuing my involvement at NC State through the Miller Fellowship while pursuing my start-up full-time.

While at NC State, I studied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education with a focus on Graphic Communications. During my time at NC State, I worked several internships in those areas, ran several large events at NC State, participated as President in our entrepreneurship ambassador program, and more.

While doing all of this, I was also building our above mentioned patented technology, and constantly learning about what does and doesn't work in entrepreneurship.

Moving forward, I'm extremely excited to continue working on providing value to people in outdoor areas, fulltime, while doing freelance and part-time work to continue my involvement in graphic communications. 

Feel free to reach out to me directly at


More about James

Technology Development

James Paul joined the team right at the start of 2020 and worked heavily in technology/hardware development. He also studied in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education with a focus on Graphic Communications. He has been extremely involved in the Airforce ROTC program at NC State, taking several leadership positions in the program and serving as a mentor for many students.


James has been pivotal in the success of prototyping equipment, hardware development, and software design. He has worked heavily in SolidWorks, and PCB Design programs, and on Arduinos, SparkFun Prototyping Equipment, and more. While helping to develop our technology and has always pushed himself to learn what needs to be learned to move forward.

You can contact James at