Welcome to Never Far Away


Our Mission; Your Vacation

Everything we do is focused on making sure you feel happy, relaxed, and safe when visiting our beaches.

We protect you from dangers during vacation.

We create technology and offer information that protects you, your family and friends from dangers that could turn your positive vacation described with silly stories into a horror described by a news anchor.


How do we do this?

We create connected beaches.


We offer technology in the form of a wearable that allows swimmers to get in contact with safety officials at the first sign of trouble, dramatically increasing the probability of a successful rescue. This direct communication cuts response time substantially, and prevents the horror of a panicked vacationer not being noticed at all.

We keep you informed.

Our application, NFA, aims to make sure that you have constant and up-to-date information related to the beaches you love. With the ability to follow specific beaches, get direct connection with the devices you are using, and more, you are able now more than ever to become truly informed on how to be safe during your vacation.


We use new and emerging technology to decrease response time.


We intend to use innovative drone technology to dramatically decrease response time. Drones deployed with safety equipment are able to make it to distressed swimmers much quicker than a ground based responder.


Who is doing this?


Josh Guter


Josh Guter is a 3rd year Goodnight Scholar at NC State University who is currently studying Graphic Communications. He is also extremely active in the entrepreneurship community at NC State. He grew up near beaches and has always loved the ocean, but after hearing about more and more drownings occurring at the beaches he grew up on, as well as witnessing these dangerous situations himself, Josh decided to start Never Far Away. The mission of Never Far Away is to make beaches safer for everyone. 

The Community, Friends, and Family

providing invaluable help

The mission of Never Far Away drives Josh each and every day, but it is also clear that this initiative drives others as well. Never Far Away has received an amazing amount of help from his family and friends. Allan, Donna, and Aaron Starr offer their help, advice, and guidance on many fundamental aspects of the business. In addition, Natalie Warner, a junior at NC State University, also studying Graphic Communications, has worked on design elements of the business.

Currently, you can help Never Far Away as well. By filling out this form, bit.ly/NFA_Survey , you can help provide  valuable information to ensure that the decisions we make in the future ultimately result in the most effective solutions to the problem. The survey only takes a few minutes, so please consider filling it out!


Want to learn more?

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