Our Mission, Your Adventure

Our mission is to make sure that people can feel comfortable, happy, and safe while participating in outdoor adventures or vacations.

How Do We Do This?

We connect people in areas that do not have access to reliable wireless communication methods, alleviating the stress of going unheard if something were to happen during their outdoor adventures or vacations.

What Enables Us To Do This?

Never Far Away utilizes large wireless mesh networks with minimal infrastructure, combined with easy to use wearable devices to create a connection between user and responder in remote areas. Utilizing our technology, users can communicate their distress to responders, and responders are able to locate those users in order to execute a successful search and rescue.

How Can Never Far Away Affect You?

As an outdoor enthusiast, Never Far Away is what protects you from a trip turning into an unpleasant, traumatic, or even deadly experience. In 2020, a hiker in Joshua Tree National Park slipped off of a cliff and broke his femur. Unfortunately, he was in an area that did have cell phone service, and he ultimately had to wait for 40 hours before rescuers were able to find him. Every year, 100’s of outdoor enthusiasts get lost, or injured on trips, and too many of these small cases turn into traumatic or deadly experiences due to the lack of ability to call for help. Don’t let a decision to not rent a wearable for a day trip turn into the loss of a life. 


As a park, Never Far Away offers the ability to protect your visitors and create a safer and more comfortable environment at your location. With the ability to find a visitor as soon as they realize they are in trouble, or if a family member / friend reports them as missing, your location will not have to worry about the fear of losing a life. Furthermore, the ability to locate these visitors when they find themselves in trouble can vastly reduce costs related to large scale search and rescues. Our systems make sure that you are able to protect your visitors, no matter what their situation might be.

Who Are We?

Josh Guter



Josh Guter is a 3rd year Goodnight Scholar at NC State University who is currently studying Graphic Communications. He is also extremely active in the entrepreneurship community at NC State. He grew up near beaches and has always loved the ocean, but after hearing about more and more drownings occurring at the beaches he grew up on, as well as witnessing these dangerous situations himself, Josh decided to start Never Far Away. The mission of Never Far Away is to make beaches safer for everyone.    

Community, Friends and Family

The mission of Never Far Away drives Josh each and every day, but it is also clear that this initiative drives others as well. Never Far Away has received an amazing amount of help from his family and friends. Allan, Donna, and Aaron Starr offer their help, advice, and guidance on many fundamental aspects of the business. In addition, Natalie Warner, a junior at NC State University, also studying Graphic Communications, has worked on design elements of the business.

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