Our Mission

Helping to create a safe, memorable experience.

Every year millions of outdoor enthusiasts take on adventures, vacations, and challenges in the great outdoors. These experiences should be memorable, and safe.

Everything we do is rooted in our mission to ensure that everybody can feel comfortable, happy, and safe while participating in outdoor adventures or vacations.



Listening to outdoor enthusiasts and experts.

At Never Far Away, we are working to develop solutions to common problems in the outdoor scene, many of which can be heard through the voice of those involved, hikers, recreational visitors, Rangers, and more.

As we continue to learn more about the issues that exist in these areas, we are developing approaches to fixing those problems.




For the outdoor enthusiast, Never Far Away aims to improve the outdoor experience, and encourage others to join the outdoor scene, through methods such as sharing accurate information, improving safety understanding, and making sure that questions and concerns are heard from the visitor.


Outdoor Businesses

For outdoor businesses, primarily State Park systems, Never Far Away aims to enhance the connection between visitor and professional, enabling the sharing of important information, improve teaching about things such as trail etiquette, park history, other topics, and helping to enable methods of creating a safer outdoor experience for their customers.

Meet the Team

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While our founder, Josh Guter, and Tech Lead, James Paul, have both led this mission to where it is today, we wouldn't be here without the help of friends and family. 

Josh Guter

Founder, CEO

Josh is a Senior Goodnight Scholar at NC State studying Graphic Communications. He grew up near beaches and has always enjoyed the outdoors, and loves creating memorable experiences. He has a passion for enabling others to find fulfilment in what they do, so he started Never Far Away in order to help insure the safety of others while they create memories and experiences.

James Paul

Technology Lead

James Paul is a Senior at NC State studying Graphic Communications. Throughout his time at Never Far Away, he has been pivotal in the success of prototyping equipment, hardware development, and software design. At NC State, he is heavily involved in leadership positions in the Airforce ROTC program, and engages in leadership development programs.


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