Summit Trail Info

The Summit Trail is a one way, moderate to intense one-way trail. The trail is well maintained and leads to a breathtaking view at the top. At the top, you will be able to see many different peaks near this park. 

(one way)

1.9 miles
3.05 km

Hike Time

2 Hours
on average

Water Recc.

2 Bottles
on average

Trail Map

Information From the Ranger

One water bottle may be enough on a cool day, but if you're hiking on a hot day, or in a rush, please remember this trail is a bit more intense, and requires 2 bottles of water! Also, please do not cut the switchbacks, this causes severe trail damage and negatively impacts the ecosystem here. 

Got more questions?

This trail has loads of vegetation, wildlife, and more to explore. Keep an eye out for QR Codes along the trail that can tell you more about these sorts of things, and give you the insider knowledge of this trail and area!