Find yourself curious about things you see at a park?
Let a ranger get you in the know. 

The Ranger App, what is it?

The Ranger app is the platform we use to connect you, the park visitor, to the Rangers. This enables many different things. Let’s take a look...


Ranger led content.

Our platform allows rangers to approve informative video, photo, or text content at different parts of their parks for you, giving a more personalized and curated learning experience.


The content is easy to access.

If you don’t have our app, this curated content can be found by scanning QR codes in certain parks. Downloading our app enables offline use of content based on location.


The content can be location based.

With your permission, The Ranger App knows where you are on a trail. This allows content to be recommended purely based on where you are, with no QR scanning required. This is great for a number of reasons.

Area specific vegetation and animals.

Knowing where you are enables us to speed up the process for identifying things you are likely to see. For instance, if you’re near a lake, a frog is more likely to be recommended as wildlife.

We can help prevent a missed view.

If you get near a great view, landmark, or other interesting spot in the park, The Ranger app will be sure to let you know that you’re close to it.

Trail/Park focused warnings and info.

Knowing where you are means the park Rangers can get information to you if it’s needed, for instance, during a flash flooding event or a dangerous animal sighting.

You can ask questions.

If you see something that content doesn’t exist for, or simply have a question about the park, you can ask it. Rangers approve answers your questions and these interactions are found in an easy to access Q&A for the park.


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The Ranger app is still in development. If you’d like to see The Ranger app at a park you visit, sign up below and recommend your park.

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